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Put A Stop To Repossessions

If you are worried about losing your car or another asset to repossession, it may be time to talk to an attorney. Whether you fear your vehicle will soon be repossessed or it has already been repossessed by the lienholder, our team at the Law Office of Rich & Rich in Memphis can help you. We know how important your personal property is to you, especially your car.

With more than four decades of combined experience helping individuals and families solve their financial problems, we can provide you with solid advice regarding how to keep your property. Often, filing for bankruptcy is the most effective way to stop repossession and to get you on a path to a better financial future.

We Will Protect Your Rights And Assets

If your property has already been repossessed, you will receive a letter indicating you have 10 days to contact the lienholder and work out a payment plan in order to get your car or other personal property back. If you are unable to work out a manageable plan, contact our law firm for immediate assistance.

In most situations, we help our clients file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if their cars or another item has been repossessed and they want to get them back. If you qualify and decide to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the lienholder will keep the car or other item.

If Chapter 13 is filed within the 10-day period mentioned above, we will send a notice to the lienholder informing the party of the filing. Then, one of three things will happen:

  • The repossessed item will be returned to you.
  • The repossessed item will be returned to you with a fee.
  • The repossessed item will not be returned to you and we go forward to get your vehicle back at a turnover hearing.

If the item is not returned, we will file a notice of turnover and a hearing date will be scheduled. Our attorneys will represent you at the hearing and fight to get your property back.

Get The Help You Need Today

To discuss your unique circumstances with a knowledgeable Memphis repossession lawyer in a free and confidential consultation, contact us online or call 901-201-6163 or 866-935-6740.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.