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Putting A Stop To Creditor Harassment

Without a doubt, the thing that always makes debt struggles worse for people is constant creditor harassment. The pressure to pay off debts quickly causes many to take on more debt in the process, leaving them in worse shape.

At the Law Office of Rich & Rich in Memphis, we want to take on that fight for you. Attorneys Charles Rich and Ryan Rich know how to stop creditors in their tracks, giving you peace of mind and time to seek debt relief.

What The Automatic Stay Does For You

As soon as you file for bankruptcy, creditors must stop contacting you, they must stop attempting to repossess assets like your home or car and they must stop garnishments. This provision of the law, called the “automatic stay,” gives you time to take a deep breath and get your financial affairs in order.

There are penalties for creditors who continue to harass you after you are under the bankruptcy court’s protection. If creditors do not abide by the automatic stay, we will make them stop.

Protecting You From Zombie Debt

Another source of financial trouble that creditor harassment can cause for you is “zombie debt.” This is when creditors try to collect on debts that you do not owe. The debt may have been owed by a deceased parent or already paid in full or is beyond the statute of limitations for collection.

Nevertheless, shady actors may call you and threaten terrible consequences if you do not pay up. They may even try to trick you into reinstating an old loan by getting you to pay just a little, which will then lead to them trying to collect more.

As experienced bankruptcy lawyers, Charles and Ryan Rich know how to identify legitimate creditors. They will put a stop to any harassment.

Get The Help You Need Today

You should not have to fight creditors on your own. We can help you get debt relief and free you from the horrible burden of creditor harassment. To learn more about how we can help, schedule a free, confidential consultation at our office in Memphis, Tennessee, today. You can contact us online or call 901-201-6163 or 866-935-6740.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.