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Refrain from social media use while going through a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2019 | Family Law

Social media has become the forefront of our lives. Millions upon millions of people use various social media platforms multiple times per day. They share photos, videos, stories and other items with their followers. Social media can be a blessing — but when it comes to divorce, social media can be a big curse. Here’s why you should refrain from social media use while going through a divorce.

Do not disparage your spouse on social media at all. Making rude comments, sharing secrets and even posting unflattering pictures of your spouse can cause a lot of problems for you when going through a divorce.

If you have a new significant other, refrain from posting pictures of the two of you in any situation. This includes while out on a date, sitting on the couch, out with your children and anything else you might be doing together.

Did you recently buy a new car? You shouldn’t have since you are going through a divorce, but if you did, do not post pictures of it on social media. This will only anger your spouse and cause them to ask for more in the divorce.

Don’t post about the divorce itself on social media. No one needs to know your business. Your spouse might be a very private person who doesn’t want to air out grievances online. Refrain from updating the entire world on social media about your divorce.

As you can see, keeping off of social media while going through a divorce is necessary to your success. Do not give your spouse any ammunition to use against you in the divorce proceedings by posting pictures or rants about them on your social media accounts.