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How to make shared custody work for all involved

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | Family Law

Have you come to an agreement on shared custody with the other parent of your children? If so, there needs to be a lot of “give and take” in this relationship in order to make shared custody work for all those who are involved. It might get off to a rocky start, but the harder you work in the best interest of your children, the more successful the situation will be for everyone.

You need to create an agreement that takes your child’s needs, activities and age into account. Their lives are the focus of this agreement. If you cannot take them to sports games, pick them up from activities after school or get them to doctor’s appointments because of work, you should not be agreeing to a schedule that makes you responsible for these things.

Avoid speaking poorly about the other parent in front of the children. Young minds are impressionable. You can easily harm a child’s relationship with their other parent if you talk badly about that parent to the kids.

Make sure you review the agreement every so often and update it as necessary. The lives of your children will change as they get older. They will be involved in different activities or stop going to others. Make sure the agreement reflects where they are at in life right now.

Learn how to communicate properly with the other parent so you are not fighting with each other in front of the children. If you cannot speak to each other without fighting, only communicate via phone, email or text so the kids aren’t subjected to constant bickering.

Shared custody agreements are becoming more and more popular for parents these days, but it’s not always an easy situation to handle. When you do everything in the best interest of your child it can help remove the anger you have towards the other parent and ease the child’s fears.

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