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Don’t make these 2 mistakes in co-parenting

| May 17, 2021 | Family Law

Going through a divorce when you have children can be a difficult experience. It’s best if you and your ex can amicably work out a parenting plan with one another as this can set a positive tone for your co-parenting relationship in the future. 

Once you have a parenting plan in place, the work isn’t over. You’re still going to have to make an effort to get along with your ex while raising your children. Be sure not to succumb to the following two mistakes when doing this.

Mistake #1: Speaking negatively of your co-parent

Even if you and your ex don’t get along, you should still be very selective in what you say about them in front of your kids. You and your ex should put up a united parenting front so that the kids have the consistency and stability they need to thrive.

Mistake #2: Having battles of indulgence

Each parent should be free to enjoy their time with the children. There shouldn’t ever be a contest of who does more with the kids or spends more money on them. The quality of the time you have with the kids is important, so be sure that you don’t get into a battle with your ex over who indulges your children’s every whim.

The first thing you need to focus on when you split from your ex is getting a parenting plan in place. Your attorney can help you to do this. It’s imperative that you set it up based on what the kids need now. You can always modify the plan later if you see that it’s necessary to do so.