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Why handling your own divorce is a mistake

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Family Law

Divorce is an expensive prospect, so most people faced with one are understandably concerned about finding ways to lower their costs.

Trying to handle your divorce “pro se,” or on your own, however, is one track you don’t want to follow. 

Why do you need an attorney to handle your divorce?

Most divorcing couples can reach swifter resolutions when a third party such as an attorney steps in to help push conversations along. Lawyers are skilled negotiators, and that’s important when compromise dictates how long it will take to finalize your divorce. You and your spouse will need to reach agreements about property division, support and custody between yourselves unless you want the court to do it for you. Your attorney can help you find common ground or look at solutions you may not have considered.

Attorneys serve an even more important role than peacemakers, though. They understand the law and implications of you making certain choices and can truly guide you in making decisions that reflect your best interests.

An attorney will also know where to look for hidden assets, factors to consider when making custody arrangements and what needs to be considered when addressing support issues.

Are you ready to seek a divorce?

Divorce isn’t something you want to take your chances with, especially when your financial well-being and custody of the children are on the line. You may find it enlightening to learn more about the divorce process as you decide how to proceed in your case. Please continue reviewing our website for more details about divorce in Tennessee.