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Helping your kids manage custody transitions

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | Family Law

Learning how to live in two homes after their parents’ divorce is difficult for most children. There’s a constant need to make adjustments based on where they’re living at the moment. 

For some kids, the thing they fear the most is each custody transition day. This is usually because they’re worried about what’s going to happen when their parents see each other. It’s up to the adults to make this situation as easy on the kids as possible. 

Tell them the schedule

The kids may feel less stressed if they know the custody exchange schedule. Younger kids might need help with this, but older kids might be able to just look at a calendar.

On transition day, the parent who currently has the children should bring them to the other parent. The ride gives the children a chance to adjust to leaving that parent’s home. For many kids, that’s less stressful than waiting for a parent to come over to pick them up.

Keep things peaceful

Transition days aren’t a good time to discuss contentious custody matters (or any other kind of problems) with your ex. Instead, focus on keeping things peaceful for the children.

If there are things that have to be discussed, you and your ex can meet another time or speak over the phone. Just be sure that you aren’t telling your child to relay messages to their other parent. Communication should always be directly between you and your ex without putting the children in the middle. 

Your parenting plan can also specifically address how custody transitions are supposed to take place. While that may not solve all your problems with custody, it can make transition days smoother and easier for your children.