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Resolve Child Custody And Visitation Disputes

Decisions about child custody (residential parent) and visitation (parenting time) are often the most stressful decisions to be made during the divorce process. When parents disagree about who should have primary custody, the resulting legal battle can have serious repercussions for everyone in the family.

Get Early Legal Advice For A Child Custody Dispute

If your marriage is ending and you are worried that your spouse is going to fight you for custody of your children, it is critically important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Early intervention by a lawyer with experience handling child custody disputes can make a big difference in how the child custody determination is eventually resolved.

Memphis divorce lawyers Ryan and Charles Rich have more than 40 years of combined experience handling divorces and child custody disputes for Memphis-area residents. We offer free and confidential initial consultations.

Evaluating Your Chances To Get Custody Of The Children

In a child custody battle, it is important to get frank and practical advice about the likely outcome. We are able to give our clients the benefit of Charles Rich’s decades of legal experience by providing an honest evaluation of our clients’ chances for success in a custody dispute.

To make this evaluation, we will have to gather a lot of specific information about your marriage and specific examples of good and bad parenting. Some of the questions we will need to address include:

  • What are all the reasons your spouse will say he or she should have custody instead of you?
  • Are your spouse’s reasons based on specific events that happened during the marriage? If so, what are those events?
  • What are all the reasons your spouse should not have custody of the children? Can you give specific examples of bad parenting?
  • Who has been the primary caregiver until now? Who takes the children to doctor’s appointments? Who attends teacher meetings?

Under Tennessee law, the family court judge must consider the wishes of the child regarding custody only when the child is 14 or older. If the child is under 12 years old, the judge doesn’t have to consider the child’s preference at all. Between the ages of 12 and 14, the judge may consider the child’s opinion but is not required to by law.

More Information About Child Custody

In addition to helping resolve child custody disputes that arise during the divorce process, we also represent parents in other types of custody disputes:

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