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Determining Child Support Payments In Tennessee

The law in Tennessee – and in every state – requires both parents to bear financial responsibility for their children. This is true whether the parents are married and then divorce, or whether they never marry in the first place.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

The law is also straightforward about how child support amounts are calculated. Tennessee’s child support guidelines calculate child support amounts based on the gross income of both parents. Then, deductions are made for items like medical insurance, day care costs and costs associated with other children.

Ensuring You Receive Fair Treatment

Even though Tennessee’s child support guidelines are meant to be straightforward so that there is less conflict about child support amounts, parents often get into fights over child support.

If you are going through a divorce, then establishing child support will be part of the divorce process. However, if you are an unmarried parent, or if you need legal help with obtaining child support after the divorce decree is finalized, then you should also seek legal advice.

The Law Office of Rich & Rich handles child support disputes of all kinds:

  • Establishing child support as an unmarried parent
  • Modifying an existing child support order
  • Enforcing an existing child support order or fighting the other parent’s attempt to enforce a child support order

Our law office is led by Memphis attorney Ryan Rich, supported by his father and our firm founder, Charles Rich. Mr. Ryan Rich personally handles every aspect of each client’s case, so that every person we represent gets the full benefit of their decades of experience using the legal system to resolve family-related disputes.

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