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The Benefits Of Using Mediation For A Divorce

Under Tennessee law, spouses in a contested divorce must try to resolve their disagreements using mediation before they can go before a judge to get a divorce decree.

What Is Mediation?

In divorce mediation, a neutral person who is not a judge listens to the spouses’ disagreements and helps them find ways to resolve their conflicts without the time and expense of a full-blown divorce trial.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

Even though divorce mediation does not take place in a courtroom or with a judge, it is a semi-formal proceeding. For that reason, it is a good idea to have your lawyer with you during the mediation. Your lawyer can help you decide if a particular solution is a good one or if you are more likely to get the result you want by going to trial.

At the Law Office of Rich & Rich, located in Memphis, Tennessee, we handle all aspects of contested divorce cases on behalf of our clients, including divorce mediation. We help you prepare for the mediation session so you know what to expect, and we will be at your side during the mediation session to help you make decisions that can directly affect the way your divorce is finalized.

Does Mediation Work?

Divorce mediation can be a satisfying way to find a resolution to a hard-fought divorce process. It takes less time than waiting for a divorce trial, it is usually less expensive, and it can be more satisfying because you and your spouse may actually reach an agreement instead of being told what to do by a judge.

“I have seen cases settle via divorce mediation that I thought would never settle and that would go all the way to a trial. I had one case that had lasted two and a half years, and the mediator settled it in about 45 minutes. Sometimes, mediation works because it gets the spouses to rethink their positions on whatever issue they are fighting about. Also, the mediator is a new person with a fresh perspective – and that can help a lot.” – Charles Rich

Learn If Mediation Is Right For You

We offer all new clients a free and confidential consultation, and we encourage our clients to get early legal advice if they believe that their marriage may be ending.

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