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Enforcing Your Rights After A Divorce

The impact of a divorce does not always end when you leave the courtroom or negotiation table with a final decree. Deep conflicts can persist after divorce, and the continual arguments with a former spouse can be exhausting.

However, divorce orders are legally enforceable. If your former spouse is not following the child custody, alimony or child support arrangement that your divorce established, you have options.

When one party violates a divorce order, they may face serious penalties. It is possible to lose driving privileges, incur fines or even face criminal charges depending on the violation. It is critical to enforce family law orders that can safeguard you and your children.

We Can Protect Your Rights

The Law Office of Rich & Rich represents Memphis-area residents in all types of family law disputes, including enforcement of divorce decrees and related family law orders. We are available to help file an enforcement action or defend against an enforcement action filed against you.

Our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined family law experience in Memphis. Our office represents husbands or wives in issues like:

Actions For Contempt Of Court

To hold a former spouse accountable for violating an order, you can file an action for contempt of court. This action allows you to seek justice for financial or parenting time issues and restore peace.

If the court rules in your favor, it will reinforce the original divorce order. This could include payment of any unpaid child support or spousal support. In addition, the court might require your former spouse to pay your legal costs, which helps enforcing a divorce order stay affordable.

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